Good Christmas Vibes (Cricket City Music and Media 2014)

A collection of 10 Christmas Classics for vibes with marimba and percussion. Click the “Buy Now” button to order a CD you can hold in your hand!

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Nutville (Cricket City Music and Media 2014)

The BMD’s third album featuring guest appearances by drummer Johnny Rabb and Brazilian Percussionist Fernando Hashimoto.

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Cabinet of Curiosities (2011 innova)

The graphic scores of Robert Moran

This historically important compendium of Moran's graphic percussion scores from 1962 to 2010, plumbs the depths of this highly creative form of composition — from purely atmospheric sound explorations to studies of rhythm, melody, harmony, and musical interaction.  Created with the audiophile listener in mind, the recording is intimate and transparent, taking the listener on a very personal "elegant journey" through the beautiful and intoxicating world of graphic composition.

"Indeed, in this solo piece overdubbed by Dan, tectonically slow, droning synth notes coupled with barely-there vibes, bells, wind chimes, gongs and a triangle launch a perfect night of midnight meditation."

Arcane Candy

Now, Here, This (2004 Cricket City)

a one-man percussion odyssey

MIDI marimba, Yamaha 3.5-octave vibraphone, two Zendrums, drumKAT Turbo, Yamaha cocktail kit, percussion instruments from China, Brazil, Africa, Hawaii, Cuba, the Middle East. “A snapshot of my music making as it is here, now.  To paraphrase Dr. Jazz, broadcasting from the comfortable gloom of the Purple Grotto, ‘Welcome, people, and now, here, this . . . .’

Jungle Fever (1999 Ovation / Cricket City)

Dan Moore plays the music of Dick Schory

“Credit Dan Moore for successfully accomplishing the herculean tasks associated with a project of this nature, for his outstanding contributions as a performer throughout the disc, and most of all, for bringing this unique music back from the past.” Percussive Notes

Little World of Rhythm (2001 Cricket City)

Britain/Moore Duo

“Dan Moore and Mat Britain have again collaborated on a recording that reflects both creativity and their wit and humor. They are joined by Matt Wilson on drumset on one tune, and vocalist Matt Grundstad on So What. This is an unusual CD from uniquely qualified professional musicians who have forged a special timbral unity in their mix of pan and marimba.”  Percussive Notes

Cricket City (1993 Cricket City)

Britain/Moore Duo

“The combination of marimba and steel drums (tenor pan or double seconds) makes this duo unique. Other percussion instruments are featured as well. The quality of the recording is wonderful and the steel pans/marimba combination balances perfectly. Britain and Moore are extremely creative and provide the listener with a musical treat.” Percussive Notes

Mantra (2009 innova)

The PanAmerican Steel Band

This CD of Moran’s compositions released in 2008, features Iowa Percussion performing three tracks: Obrigado, written in 1995 to celebrate the Kennedy Center’s 25th year, and two new Moran works that Iowa Percussion premiered: Stirling:  It’s Raining Cats and Dogs, commissioned by Patricia and Michael Scullin, and Kboco, commissioned by UI choreographer Armando Duarte. Moran commented in his liner notes, “. . .  it was my fortune to write for this splendid ensemble.”

“Iowa Percussion does an absolutely phenomenal job with their three pieces. I hope we hear more from this ensemble in the future.”  read a review of Mantra

Noise Brigade (2007 Cricket City)

The PanAmerican Steel Band

Take Me To Your Leader (2003 Cricket City)

The Music of Thomas L. Davis

In the mid-1960s when little repertoire existed for percussion ensembles, Thomas L. Davis — the first professor of percussion at the University of Iowa — penned dozens of original compositions and arrangements that have become standard in the percussion repertoire, a number of which exhibit his well-known sense of humor.

Almost Calypso (2002 Cricket City)

The PanAmerican Steel Band

(Out of Print)